Playing KICK THE CAN…Once Again………..


House Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax Cuts Extension


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House Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax Cuts Extension (ABC News)


A muted House Speaker John Boehner announced today that Republicans have decided to accept a short-term extension of the payroll tax cut, preventing a hike in taxes just nine days before the tax break expires for 160 million Americans.

House GOP leaders appeared to be adopting a compromise suggested by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass the two-month extension in exchange for the Senate appointing members to a conference committee, which will negotiate a longer-term solution. The proposal won a nod of approval from President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

But Boehner was visibly unhappy with the deal.

“Kicking a can down the road for a couple of months does cause problems,” he said at a news conference today.

I really thought the more conservative hold out’s, just might stand for what’s right. Let’s see..Lets hammer this thing out, and get it done for a year..OR settle for a 2 month extension, and do this all again..Guess they didn’t want to be late for Christmas break..Being more important, I truly understand. With that being said, may I conclude with this..

Speaker Boehner, you and your spineless cowards, are no better than the corrupt mindless cronies that you replaced..In time you too, will be replaced. You have failed the people, that you have sworn to protect, against this spending liberal, piece of so-called government.. You all SUCK..I can still say that, because it’s true. YOU SUCK,SUCK,SUCK..Thank’s a lot. Hope you have A Merry Christmas…Just My Opinion


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