It’s The Time Of Year For Giving Thanks…….

Obama’s super committee, it appears to be throwing in the towel. Obama say’s he just can’t get anything done because of congress(meaning republicans). Understanding he is in campaign mode, I fail to see that the problem is just congress. My opinion is that America should not vote, for any of those incompetent boobs, come the 2012 election. No one on that committee should be, or deserves to be reelected. Kick them to the curb, no matter what party.

Wake up America, and see what’s happening to you. YES I said to you, and you children’s future. These idiot’s in Washington, can’t agree on anything. Changing those who fail America, is our only hope. America needs her people now. Don’t vote because of color,don’t vote because of party affiliation. Vote for America. Look close at what’s being said, and not said.

Please take this time, to spend with your families. Thank God for your blessings. Enjoy the holidays, and come the new year, come out swinging. Lets get America moving again. Oh! I did say it was time for giving thanks..So here it is. THANK’S A LOT WASHINGTON..YOU SUCK………..Just My Opinion…….


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