From A Drunken Sailor..I Might Understand………..

On August 16th Michele Bachmann, in a campaign speech said. Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley. With out getting into too much detail. May I just say this. SHUT UP MICHELE AND SIT DOWN! If this is the best the republicans have to offer…Whoa is me..Just My Opinion!


2 Responses to “From A Drunken Sailor..I Might Understand………..”

  1. Just a quick correction. From this post some may think I’m a republican. Far from the truth. I’m a conservative. Republicans just happen to be more conservative, (in most cases) than democrates. If you know the difference from right, and wrong. We have something in common. If you think you are entitled, to somethink you didn’t work for, then we probably won’t become friends. Either way, everything I write is ..Just MY Opinion……

  2. Michele and a drunken sailor? Can’t imagine that

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