The Campaign Master….I’m Gonna..I’m Gonna….I’m Gonna…’s congress’es fault..

This guy is amazing. Listen to the video. He’s gonna, and were gonna, and it’s not his fault. He’s blaming congress, for too much bickering, and not getting anything done. Well as I see it. He’s had control of both houses of congress, for the last two years, and has done nothing.They, while in control, have not presented a budget, for over 800 days.
He’s traveling across the country, in his multi-million dollar bus, (which we paid for) trying to sell the same bill of goods he sold in 2008. From the sound of the applause, it seems not too many people are buying..Check the link and decide for yourself

I did like the first part, when he said, I’m sure glad to be out of Washington! That’s one thing we can agree on Mr Obama.Let’s make it for good, in 2012…Just My Opinion


5 Responses to “The Campaign Master….I’m Gonna..I’m Gonna….I’m Gonna…’s congress’es fault..”

  1. Dems are in charge of Senate. Repubs are in charge of House. Obama spends too much money on everything. Repubs want to spend too much money on Defense and corporate give aways.

    BTW , I hear that bus was made in Canada…

    • Well at least jobs, were created somewhere…..

    • Their all spending WAY TOO much money. We can’t keep spending like we have a bottomless bank account. This president, for two years, had control of both houses. Instead of fixing things, they clain to be broken. They took the check book, like a drunken house wife, at a two for one special at K-Mart.They bought more stuff than the mini van would hold. Now he’s lost control of the house, and it’s all the fault of congress. REALLY!!

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