I Think I Have A Plan………..

 Listening to dumb & dumber, hash over ideas to save the planet, has given me a serious headache. Obama has never tabled his plan to fix the debt. Why? Because he doesn’t have one. He is not a fixer, he is a destroyer. He will pout, and walk out if he doesn’t get his way, and still people don’t see this. He is a failure as a leader, and will stop at nothing to get his way. I just don’t understand why, America can’t seem to see this.

 I however, have come up with a plan myself. It’s simple really. I conceived the idea on the way home. Listening to all the talk radio on the subject, I heard something that made my ears perk up a bit,. There was some lady, ( didn’t catch her name) traffic and all. She was saying that…Amarreca shud bee verry caurful, and do tha roght thing…Sorry about that..It;s hard to type in her accent.LOL!! As she was saying..America should be very careful, and do the right thing concerning it’s debt. The reason being, is that is could adversely affect the worlds ecomomy. That’s when it hit me..MY IDEA.

  I got to thinking. How about this. What if all the foreign countries, that America has helped over the years, pay up. How about that? Think that would help settle our debt? What about it America? We let foreigners criticize us, and say we should be careful. Obama say’s the world is watching. Well let’s watch them pay up, or shut up…That’s Just My Opinion…………..



2 Responses to “I Think I Have A Plan………..”

  1. If they want to fix the debt ask any struggling family how they manage. We cant afford it we dont buy it! Stop all these bleeding heart progams,the civil right to have a cell phone burns my bottom. When I couldnt afford one I didnt have one! Fix medicare fraud and keep medicare. Quit sending China money to go green.Basically stop the needless government spending and live within your budget . Fire the current gov. and start over! Fed up with the waste and spending, the fact that they have job and and use scare tactics because they go to the wire to even pass or increase the deficit really….how about doing the job they are elected to do whatever their party is. Less government .less spending. Love my country and the people. but I dislike my political idiots in charge!!!! Obviously I dont like the current administration,But I don’t see where the real leaders are! They all know how to campaign but can they actually do anything? Sick and tired, they need to look within the gov. and not at my paycheck for more taxes . at this rate I could stay home and collect unemployment and do better than I am busting my butt everyday! But I do have pride and I dont want a handout and I dont believe my government needs to support me. they own enough of me already. Just had to vent!!!
    Thanks Brenda

    • Amen Brenda..More, and more Americans everyday feel as you do..We working Americans are fed up. The problem is there are too many NON-working Americans who vote…Just My Opinion

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