Murder She Wrote….

Juror No. 3: Casey Anthony’s Bad Behavior ‘Doesn’t Show That a Murder Was Committed’

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First let me say..Sorry Caylee our justice system failed you…

I never followed the trial like a lot of people did. ( every waking moment). I work for a living. What I did see, was sickening.

Wether she killed that baby, or not. She knows what happened to her. To me this just shows how, misled our judicial system is.

I am so sick to my stomach, of this out come. I’m sure movie, and books are coming.  Everyone who connects themselves to these endeavours , will do so with this baby’s blood on their hands. I hope they can live with that..

Maybe she, and O.J. can start a, I got away with it club.. You will have to sign in blood, but there will be an escape clause..Just My Opinion


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