Were asleep again! During the campaign, we heard the chant DRILL BABY DRILL. That was however when gas prices, was in the 4 to 5 dollar range. Since then, prices have dropped, and drilling our own oil was deemed unnecessary. My My, how short a memory we have.. Now that oil is over the 100 dollar a barrel mark. What’s next? Who’s to blame?

  If we had started to drill, when we should have, we would be  much closer to being self sufficient. Broken campaign promises, and underhanded  deals, have us once again, between a rock, and a hard place. We once again will be paying 5 bucks for gas, and our fearless leaders, have put us behind the 8 ball. Drill baby Drill, has once again, been converted to Pay Baby Pay.

  WHEN WILL WE LEARN????????………Just My Opinion


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