Come On America!! Are You Really Supprised?

Obama is going to visit a Mosque in Indonesia next week. America seems to be supprised. Really!  His first speach, after becoming prez. was to the muslim world. He has given reason to be accused of being a muslim himself. His actions have been cause to be alarmed. He is arrogant in his response, to any and all questions about his ability to govern. He seems to not care what America thinks. I myself have called him a closet muslim. I have however, started to give him the benifit of doubt. He claims to be a christian, and who am I to doubt his word. Besides anyone who is muslim, would be condemed by other muslim’s, should they defect, so to speak. Once a muslim, always a muslim. Now I’m not so sure my gut feeling wasn’t right. We need to look close America. Things may be exactly what it seems…Just My Opinion


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