Wish The World Had Known Him Better….

Manute Bol passed away today.  Only 47 years old. They say kidney problems, and a skin disease was cause.

I remember when he arrived on the NBA scene. 7 foot 7 inches of raw basketball talent. Hey at 7-7 who couldn’t play basketball. I remember thinking, here’s a big clumsy duffus, who will be paid millions to play basketball, who’s only talent was being tall. Hey if they paid by the inch, this guy would be rich. I really never gave him much attention, when he played. He really wasn’t that good,by NBA standards,but his height made up for the rest. When he played, I saw him as a circus act, being displayed for all to gawk at. I saw him as only being here for the money. A voice told me (hey dummy. Their all only there for the money), not just him..

It’s what he did with his money that should be noticed. I didn’t see this at the time. My loss too. Wish I had. Sure he done some gambling, and maybe he could have been the wiser for it, but he done a lot of good. He was generous, and he was kind. We could use a lot more of that. Wish I could have known him better. May he rest in peace..God Bless…Just My Opinion



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