Is He Committing Political Suicide…or does he care

In a highly unusual move, President Barack Obama is going to skip the traditional Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery to return home to Chicago for the long holiday weekend.

Obama sees it as addressing one of the great broken promises of his administration: his early pledge to return home to Chicago every six weeks or so, according to The Washington Post.

On Monday, Obama will make remarks at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and miss the usual tradition of presidents speaking at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

I think this guy wants to fall on the so-called political sword, but no one will let him. The press continues to give him a free pass. Without making this look like a 2,000 page bill, which no one will read. Let’s start with the day after his election..START: His first speech after his election was to a Islamic country.. Un-american in My Opinion..END..He spent Christmas in Hawaii. Being a christian holiday, and spending it in the white house. Well you can see where I’m going ..Now Memorial Day arrives. He’s going to be in Chicago, and TOO BUSY!! to place the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknown’s. Are you starting to see the pattern. Which holiday will he snub next? I for one do not think this is a coincidence. As far as I’m concerned this is one veterans ass he can kiss..Like I say..Just My Opinion


One Response to “Is He Committing Political Suicide…or does he care”

  1. That is why I think he is not presidential. He is like an opera singer warming up:
    Mi, mi , me, me, Me, ME.
    ME, ME , ME, ME , ME.

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