The Puppet Master At Work……

Rep.Ted Poe, R-Texas..Ask Eric Holder a simple question..Watch the link, and make you own decision..What’s he dodging? The truth!! This guy is the U.S. attorney General ,he should know the law. He seem to be waiting for Obama to brief him as what to say..What a JOKE…

Can you see the string’s on this guy? Obama the Puppet Master wasn’t there to coach this clown, so he can’t answer the question.. He has to wait to be briefed.. Let’s take control of Congress in November. Then we can focus on this clown on 2012, and his Master.. Just My Opinion


2 Responses to “The Puppet Master At Work……”

  1. I watched it but I guess I don’t see the problem. Holder is a very learned man. He is much more knowledgable about the law than I am. He does not think quickly and sharply when he responds to questions. He was truthful and admitted that he had not read the law. Like many of the President’s cabinet, he leaps before he looks and it gets him in trouble. Like Joe Biden but not nearly as funny.
    Eric Holder reminds me of man who finds himself in over his head and then realizes he should have had a life preserver and swimming lessons before he got into the water.
    I have been in just such a position twice in my life and it turned out badly both times. People always tell you it is better to try and fail then not try. It builds character, they say. Well, I will tell you that long before your character is built , you have to live with a lot of self-embarrassment.
    Holder will leave the Administration soon. He continues to embarrass them not because he is inept (he isn’t) , but because he doesn’t have the skills to present himself publicly and this is a must for any AG.

    • There has never been a question about Holders intelligence. I’m sure he is a very smart man .They say Obama is one of the smartest, ever to be president The problem is the U.S. attorney general chose to make his comments based on news stories, and not facts. By his own admission he done this. Now we all know that the news media is full of half/truths and lies. Why would he make his decision based on this information? ANSWER- Because his leader does the same thing.Obama has repeatedly spoke against this bill, without so much as reading the contents. Why should we expect any less from his administration. I would call this as being inept. (as far as doing his job). This is the problem..Just My Opinion

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