If It Looks Like A DUCK…….

Now that the dust is starting to settle over this bomb attempt in NYC. Certain things are starting to come to light.

The liberal news media has been calling (better yet hoping) this was some  right wing tea partier, who was angry over the health care bill being passed. At least that’s how Katie Couric reported it as such. They so much wanted that WHITE guy, that was seen taking his shirt off in the video to be the guy. They just knew he was a tea party member, and boy would that have been the story of the year. Well it wasn’t..

Instead it was a Pakistani immigrant. Glad they caught the guy. With the news media looking and hoping it would be one of our own. One of those dastardly tea party people. Those disgruntled Nazi like Americans, those hate mongers who protest the American Constitution being destroyed with every law being passed. You know the one’s.

Racial profiling is an important tool, used in detecting crime. Racial discrimination on the other hand should not be tolerated, and all efforts should be taken to see that it doesn’t happen. However to remove an important tool from our arsenal is a BIG MISTAKE.. If protecting America mean using racial profiling, then so be it. If it looks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and walks like a duck..it could be a liberal..But thats ……Just My Opinion


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