Best Ever……..

We attended a concert at the Alamodome last night. FANTASTIC!!

LeeAnn Womack done a nice job. Everyone seemed to enjoy her set.

Reba was next, and WOW..did I say WOW!! Was first time seeing her, and boy did she rock the house..She was great, Well worth it.

I didn’t think it could get any louder than with Reba, but I was wrong.

George Strait took the stage at 9pm, and performed  for 2 hours. Iv’e seen George several times, but not like this. He was on fire, and the fans were feeling it the whole time. Great job George..

Now for the fly in the ointment. There is always at least one. The folks sitting beside us and in the roll in front of us, must have thought the beer was going to run out. Up down up down, and beer was flowing like, well beer at a concert. One lady really had more than her share. While standing for the encore, she wobbled, and kinda looked like she was going to lose all the beer she had bought. We had fun watching her. Kind of like getting a free comedy show after the concert. George would sing something the fans liked, and yell WOOOOHOOOO. Then seconds later she would wobble and yell woo. Her reaction time was just a tad off. We had some fun at her expense. Hope her hangover wasn’t too bad this morning, but I doub’t it..  Like I said it was great.. Good times were had by all..Just My Opinion.


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