Drivers License..a.k.a. Papers of sort

I just don’t understand..Well I understand, I just can’t figure some people

This Arizona thing, is just getting ridiculous. Their pulling out all stops to make this more than it is. comparing it to Nazi Germany. Come on people!!

All 50 states, or is it (57)…require you to carry a driver’s license while operating a motor vehicle. How about having to SHOW YOU PAPERS  at the airport.Isn’t that (paper’s) of sort? They have made it perfectly clear, that it is unlawful to racial profile. No one can be stopped for the sole purpose of identifying ones nationality. If this does happen, there are laws to combat this sort of action.

Here’s what troubles me the most. Americans are willing to turn on their own to protect the rights of illegals, who should have no rights. Their really by law not here. These Americans pull out the Constitution as a guide, and say it is being trampled upon, and the right’s of the people are being infringed. The words Nazi like are used.In some cases even violence occurs, and these Americans feel they have been just in their cause.

Why aren’t these same Americans, upset at what is being done to AMERICANS ? Their Constitutional right’s are being trampled under the name’s like, Reform-Health care-Change. Our Constitution has been trampled, attacked, and all but destroyed, yet they turn their backs. Worse yet they applaud every time our Government passes a law forcing us to do something that is unconstitutional. Why have Americans become so UN-AMERICAN.?

Americans have always fought tyranny, where ever it has taken place in the world. Americans have left dead Americans on foreign soil around the world fighting it. Americans will not stand for dictators or tyrants in the world.Except here. WHY?  Why do Americans hate America? Everyone is free to leave if they wish. No one will stop them. If I don’t like some place, I leave. I love America. I love everything she stands for. Shes not perfect, but other than God. Who is?

My heart is saddened by what is happening here my wonderful country. I feel as though the death of a close friend is at hand. America as we once knew her, will soon be no more. The last time America has seen this much indifference within her own, was the civil war. Those wounds cut her deep,but she recovered,and was stronger for it. The wounds she is receiving now are much deeper.They cut through to her heart. I feel if we Americans don’t come together for the common good. The next wound might be fatal, but thats..Just My Opinion

Dear God:   America has always looked to you in time of need. I feel that over time, however she has taken for granted all the blessing that you have given her. I see America going though a dark and dangerous time. I feel Lord that she has lost her way, and I ask that you once again light her path. Please give her the strength to do whats right, and show her the way. I feel that Americans  by nature are good God-fearing people, that they have only lost their way. I ask that you give them hope ,and let them know that you are always there. Please give them strength Lord to make it through this trying time.  I ask this in Christ name..Amen


One Response to “Drivers License..a.k.a. Papers of sort”

  1. WOW! That pretty much sums it up. Some of these people don’t care because the issues haven’t effected them yet. Well it has but they are too blind to realize it or they just dont care. The reality of everything has to smack them in the face in order for them to say hey something isnt right. By that time it will be already too late. I not so much fear for myself. I do however fear for my children and grandchildren. What they will have to endure just to live. Its pretty scary stuff if you ask me. It’s ok to call me a radical. But this is one radical who loves her country and is getting sick and tired of the way she is being treated. For those who tread on her, Shame on you! God Bless America!

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