Those Mean Old Teaparty People….

Check the video below..You can hear the  racial insults directed toward a Teaparty speaker..The Teaparty folks have been accused of making threats, racism, and have been depicted as those Evil Americans who are nothing short of hate mongers & Nazi’s..Just to mention a few..Well folks it doesn’t sound to me like a Teaparty member, who’s shouting those comments..Sounds like an Obama supporter..but then this wont make the nightly news…..Just My Opinion

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6 Responses to “Those Mean Old Teaparty People….”

  1. White Boy is a racial slur? Sounds more like a description to me.

    • Now your splitting hairs..When demeaning comments come from Obama supporter s it’s no big deal right? Kind of a one way conversation. Everyone accuses the Tea Party demonstrators as being nasty, rude and spouting racial slurs. When it come’s from their own, you see it as descriptive..I don’t understand the logic..Just My Opinion

  2. Yeah, I agree. There are those that look to incite others and they grab every little thing that TeaParty does and try to make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s idemeaning and unjust.

    I don’t approve of the nasty and rude comments that are tossed around by any group.

    It just seems that the language used by many is inflammatory but not racial in nature. White Boy falls into that category of inflammatory but not racial in my opinion.

  3. hmmm, I don’t hear you condeming the words from the tea party group.
    When you can condem both sides for name calling, I think you may have something.

    • You have missed the point as usual. The liberals have been name calling and accusing the Tea Party people of all sorts of nasty deeds. None of which are true, except for maybe a few idiots who’s sole purpose is to stir the pot(so to speak)..

      These people do however exist on both sides of the coin. Thats the unfortunate part..This video was to show that it does exist on the liberal side as well.. The problem is that liberals can’t see both sides of the coin…Like I said..that’s Just My Opinion

      • I don’t believe I missed any point you were trying to make.
        You put out a video of someone calling a name to someone in the tea party and you say its a liberal person doing, with no proof of who said it. Just words on a video from some unknown source. You say the liberals did it, and they started name calling before any tea party person did. What you don’t show is the tea party people calling names to the liberal or non-party people. You condemn the one but not the other.
        As I said, “When you can condem both sides for name calling, I think you may have something.”
        There was no other point to be made, just your opinion put out there as fact.

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