The Troubles of a Six Year Old…….


6-Year-Old Commits Suicide, Medical Examiner Says
Updated: 15 hours 22 minutes ago
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David KnowlesDavid Knowles Writer

AOL News

(April 6) — The death of a 6-year-old Oregon girl sent to her room after exchanging cross words with her mother has been classified as a suicide by a state medical examiner.

After her mother told her to go to her room, Samantha Kuberski, a first-grader in McMinnville, Ore., crawled into an unused crib, tied one end of a belt around her neck, the other on a bar of the crib, and hanged herself, according to reports

This really bothers me..I can remember when my kids were six..When they got angry with us they would run off to their room and beat up on cookie monster. Their biggest worry was getting no desert, should they not eat their supper..What happened to this little girl? This just blows me away. How could a six year old choose this path?  My heart goes out to her family. May God give them the strength to get through this.
What is happening to our children? ANYBODY???……Just My Opinion

2 Responses to “The Troubles of a Six Year Old…….”

  1. I don’t believe it. There must be more to the story than this. No child would think of this on her own.
    It is not unusual for kids to tie things around their necks or, when learning to tie their shoelaces, they will tie things together. Not suicide though. Can’t convince me of that.

    • It’s true. They tried to rule it an accidental death. However, with the way it happened, they couldn’t. It had to be written up as a suicide. As far as being more to the story, nothing else has been released at this time.

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