What a tournament..This NCAA March Madness is just that..MADNESS!!!!

My bracket was busted when Northern Iowa 9th seed, knocked off Kansas #1 seed. What a game. I had Kansas going all the way.  Who’d a thunk-it.

Now my bracket is still intact as far as the other three regions are concerned, but it looks like a three-legged dog running around. Dont know how many more hits it can take.

To me it’s great to see these school’s taking it to the big boy’s..They aren’t supposed to be there, but they are. That’s why college ball is so much better. They play with heart…and I’m loving it…Just MY Opinion…


One Response to “BUSTED..BUSTED…BUSTED……….”

  1. I agree with ya. This has been an exciting tourney. I cant wait to see who will be in the final four. My brackets have taken a little hit. I just hope mine do well next couple rounds. GO OHIO STATE!!!! 🙂

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