Deem & Pass Rule…Translates to Ram it Down Their Throats..

Let’s ‘deem’ Congress adjourned 

March 19th, 2010
Gregory D. Lee Gregory D. Lee  

In June 2008, I wrote a column about the Democratic National Rules Committee meeting after it decided that each Florida delegate would only be allowed one-half vote at the convention instead of a whole vote because of an avoidable change in Florida’s primary date. The Rules Committee was rooting for candidate Obama, and because the race was close, they changed the rules to punish Hillary Clinton by slashing her Florida delegate vote in half. In the column I wrote:  

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.  

“This whole process illustrates how Democrats would govern if they had a veto-proof majority in both houses of Congress and a president in the White House. They govern like little dictators who would like you to believe they are benevolent, but in reality, they are incompetent, power hungry and think they know what is best for you. They . . . can’t wait to regulate every aspect of your life to conform to their left-wing agenda.”  

How right I was.  

This week’s shenanigans by Nancy Pelosi to use the “Deem and Pass” rule after making changes liberal Democrats want to see in the Senate version of the health care bill (e.g. more taxes and spending), perfectly illustrates my point. The Speaker intends to use the “Deem and Pass” rule if she cannot find the 216 votes necessary to pass the legislation. In my lifetime, I have never witnessed such an arrogant and corrupt majority who think nothing of shredding the Constitution and stealing democracy right before our very eyes in order to push a particular agenda. The Constitution clearly reads that before a bill becomes law, both chambers of Congress must first approve the exact worded bill. When asked about this, Ms. Pelosi, speaking about Republicans said, “If you don’t want to talk about substance, talk about process.” Her dismissal of Republican criticism for her and other Democrats conspiring to violate the Constitution is simply breathtaking.  

Any president that would sign such a bill into law would be a full-fledged member to the conspiracy. A president with integrity would inform Congress he will not sign any bill brought to his desk derived by non-Constitutional means, regardless of how much he likes what’s in the bastardized bill. Instead, we have a president who seems to encourage such congressional activity, while simultaneously twisting arms, bribing and extorting members of Congress, like Rep. Dennis Kucinich, with an hour long ride on Air Force One and job offer for his wife, to vote for the health care bill. The president has made it known he will not campaign for any Democrat’s reelection who does not vote for the House version of the health care bill. He has promised ambassadorships and the NASA administrator’s job to retiring members of Congress in return for their votes.  

If bribery and extortion doesn’t work, just say whatever the American people want to hear to get them to ask their representative to vote for the bill. Tell them the health care bill will actually reduce the deficit by a hundred billion dollars every year until the end of time. What trillion dollar government entitlement program has ever saved money? People are a lot smarter than that.  

A spiritual thriller by Dan Calabrese. Click the image learn more and to order a copy. A spiritual thriller by Dan Calabrese. Click the image learn more and to order a copy.  

Can you imagine George Washington or Abraham Lincoln being a party to something like this? Or even Bill Clinton? What’s disheartening is that very few Democrats, like Stephen Lynch of south Boston, have voiced opposition to Nancy Pelosi’s embracing the “deem and pass” tactic to avoid voting for a bill that will cost many of them their political careers. Do you think Republican Sen. Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts had anything to do with his decision? What kind of people have we elected as our representatives?  

Is there any wonder that Congress is as popular with the American people as a flat tire on a rainy night?  

If this legislation passes by this means, next on the agenda is citizenship for all illegal aliens. They, of course, will benefit from free health care and a one payer system, which is the ultimate goal of the socialists in Congress. Why stop there? Further raise taxes; Open borders; gut the defense budget; make gun ownership illegal; cease drilling and oil exploration; and only try terrorists in federal court. Democrats will push and push their radical agenda until they are finally unseated.  

Maybe then America will get its Constitution back. 

Looks like Lady Liberty is taking a few more lashes from congress’s whip..Don’t know how many more she can take….Just my opinion.. 


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