Term Limits

One thing I keep hearing is, why dont they have term limits in congress? This is one of those piss and moan things that gives me the red ass. Ill explain..

I hear daily people griping about how long those idiots have been in office, and why can’t we get them out. Well we dont need some bill passed of law enforced to do what we as Americans should be doing all along.

You see we already have term limits..it’s called VOTING..We do it every election. The problem is we allow the non achievers to remain in office because were too darn lazy to give them the boot. We should be keeping tabs on those we elect, to ensure they are doing their job as we have elected them to do. Check their voting records. If their not voting the way you like, make a call to their office, or send a letter informing them their actions will not get them reelected.

The reason the likes of Nancy Pelosi, and others like her stay around so long is, were too lazy or stupid to do anything. We must as American citizens do our job. That is hold these people accountable for their indiscretions. If their a real screw up. Then its 4 years and out. It’s really that simple. So see we do have term limits. We just need to enact them..Just my opinion


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